Pancake pan 24 cm Hamburg

Артикул: 25-45-094

In a quiet corner of the kitchen, where the smell of fresh soft dough beckons and gives a feeling of comfort, a new star has appeared - the 24 cm Hamburg pancake pan. Its specialty is the ability to implement the most interesting ideas and create unforgettable taste impressions.

Made of forged aluminum, this pan is a true culinary art. Its strength and reliability help you create the most delicious pancakes, carefree enjoying every moment of cooking.

And the ergonomic bakelite handle is your assistant in culinary creations. It provides convenience and comfort in work, giving you the opportunity to realize your creative ideas in each pancake.

The frying pan has a Greblon C2+ non-stick coating, which helps to preserve all the taste qualities of pancakes, giving them a crispness and an appetizing appearance. And the additional Protective Pattern coating is a new generation of technology that prevents scratches and other damage, guaranteeing a long service life of the pan.

With the 24 cm Hamburg pancake pan, you will have endless space for creativity. We invite you on a delicious culinary journey, where each pancake is a small masterpiece in your kitchen.

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  • picture tungsten mesh

    Technology of using tungsten carbide to ensure even heat distribution over the surface of the pan

  • picture alumina forging

    Forged aluminum is a lightweight material, has high thermal conductivity, heats up quickly and retains heat, and is highly durable, which allows pans to be used for a long time without deformation or damage

  • picture soft-tiuch handle

    Bakelite has high strength and good thermal insulation properties, which allows the handle to stay cool while cooking. Soft-touch coating gives the handle a soft texture, which makes it pleasant to the touch and provides a comfortable and secure grip

  • picture 3-year warranty

    3 years warranty for the product


Pancake pan
Pancake pan 24 cm
24 cm
Inner non-stick coating
Greblon C2+
Forged aluminum
Handle material
Handle attachment type
Dishwasher safe
Cooktop compatibility
Gas, electric, halogen, induction
Thickened bottom
3 years
Country of brand registration
Country of product manufacture

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