Product return/Product exchange

If the Product does not correspond to the description or photo, or does not suit you in terms of size, weight, or other characteristics, and you have checked that your Product is not included in the list of those that cannot be returned , you can return it, subject to the following conditions and procedures (noting the reason for return/exchange in the application form );

The product can be returned /exchanged under the following conditions :

  1. No more than 14 days have passed since the date of purchase;
  2. The product does not have any visible mechanical damage, scratches and/or signs of use;
  3. The product has not been used, and the control packaging (self-adhesive films) has not been removed from it.

Importantly! The product and components must have a commercial appearance. Factory protective films must be preserved. If the product was packed in a blister pack, it can be returned if the package is not opened.

When the Product meets all the technical characteristics, photo, description, configuration - the return/forwarding of the Product is carried out at the expense of the buyer .

Accepted for return/exchange, only the product that was bought in the online store or via Instagram @krauff_ukraine .

Goods purchased through another retail network are returned directly to the person who made the sale and exclusively at the point of sale where it was purchased.

Follow the following algorithm of actions to return/exchange the product:

  1. Pack the product
  • Pack the product in the original packaging. If there were several items in the set, then all of them must be submitted for return/exchange.
  • If the product was accompanied by a gift , the entire set must be provided (the product together with the gift) upon return. In the opposite case, the nominal value of the gift is deducted from the value of the Goods to be returned and withheld from the Buyer.
  1. Fill out the product return /exchange form
  • This can be done by following the link .
  • After filling out and sending the form, the Seller's manager will contact you within 2 working days to clarify the details of the shipment/return/exchange.

3. How to send the goods

  • Goods must be sent by Nova Poshta. (
  • Make a shipment according to the details:

    Dnipro, str. Sobinova, 1 (address delivery)
    Mykola Baranov
    EDRPOU 40861807
    LLC "TG "TNP"
    At the expense of the recipient by non-cash settlement

  • You need to remove (do not specify) the services "Return delivery" and "Postpaid".
  • Send the consignment note to the Seller's manager.

Note: The product is accepted by the Seller for return /exchange only if it is in good condition :

  • * without mechanical damage;
  • * fully equipped ( goods and their components, packaging, instructions and other belongings are available directly );
  • * with all labels and factory markings retained.

  1. Product refund/exchange for another product
  • Funds are returned to the IBAN (card) details that you specified in the product return form , and which matches your personal data.
  • Funds are returned within 7 days from the date of approval of the return operation.
  • The amount of the return is similar to the amount in the order or minus the cost of the missing goods or their components.
  • The exchange is carried out for a similar Product or for a Product equivalent in price, or for a more expensive one with your additional payment.

Refusal of refund or return of goods/Refusal of warranty service/exchange of goods if:

  1. the rules of operation of the product are violated;
  2. the use of the product was not carried out according to the purpose established by the manufacturer;
  3. if the seller's/manufacturer's examination reveals defects in the product that arose as a result of violating the rules of operation;
  4. if the warranty period for the product has expired;