Universal frying pan 28 cm Smart Fry

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Welcome to the world of innovation and culinary creations with the 28 cm Smart Fry pancake frying pan!

This frying pan is a true technological marvel, thanks to its unique fire indicator. Forget about worrying about overheating - the indicator will change color, showing that the pan is heated to the optimal temperature for cooking pancakes. Your pancakes will always be perfect!

You will create real culinary masterpieces with this frying pan. They will be incredibly tender and delicious, and you will enjoy the cooking process.

Made of forged aluminum, the Smart Fry Frying Pan is a guarantee of reliability and durability. The bakelite handle with soft-touch coating ensures comfort and safety during cooking.

The GreblonC3 non-stick coating is the key to ease of use and easy cleaning of the pan. Cook pancakes effortlessly and enjoy the delicious flavor.

With the Smart Fry 28 cm frying pan, you will enjoy cooking and preserve the quality and taste of your favorite food. Join the culinary experiments and create the most delicious pancakes with Smart Fry!

Ціна продажу₴875.00 Звичайна ціна₴1,750.00


  • Technology of using tungsten carbide to ensure even heat distribution over the surface of the pan

  • Forged aluminum is a lightweight material, has high thermal conductivity, heats up quickly and retains heat, and is highly durable, which allows pans to be used for a long time without deformation or damage

  • Bakelite has high strength and good thermal insulation properties, which allows the handle to stay cool while cooking. Soft-touch coating gives the handle a soft texture, which makes it pleasant to the touch and provides a comfortable and secure grip

  • 3 years warranty for the product


Smart Fry
Universal frying pan
Frying pan 28 cm
28 cm
Internal non-stick coating
Greblon C3
Forged aluminum
Handle material
Bakelite with soft-touch coating
Type of handle attachment
Dishwasher safe
Compatible with stoves
Gas, electric, halogen, induction
Thickened bottom, heating indicator
3 years
Country of brand registration
Country of origin of the goods


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