Warranty service/return/exchange of goods

If the returned goods have defects, damage, or have been used, such cases are subject to warranty obligations under the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights". The warranty period is determined from the date of the sale of the goods.

  • The products are guaranteed for 1 to 5 years, depending on the type of product.
  • The warranty period must be indicated on the product packaging and on the official website krauff.com.
  • The warranty confirms the obligation to repair or replace the Goods in case of manufacturing defects, the latter.
  • Defects of the Goods that occurred as a result of a violation of the packaging during transportation, shipment of the Goods are not manufacturing defects and must be recorded by the Buyer directly upon receipt and inspection of the Goods at the post office.

The manufacturer's warranty applies to products that have hidden manufacturing defects that cannot be detected by visual inspection and are detected during operation (for example: a problem with the fastening of a part,swelling/peeling of the non-stickcoating, etc.) In the event of a claim regarding the quality of the Goods, the Consumer shall contact the point of sale or the manufacturer's authorized representative in the country of sale. If the defect is determined to be hidden and a document confirming the purchase is available, the goods can be exchanged for the same or equivalent in value.

Warranty obligations of the Seller/ Manufacturer - apply exclusively to products with a manufacturing defect. The warranty is valid only in the presence of a cash/retail receipt for the Goods.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • if damage to the Goods (product) occurred due to non-compliance with the terms and conditions of use;
  • in the event of an independent attempt to repair the defect;
  • due to prolonged overheating of the product (excessive thermal exposure not provided for by the operating conditions);
  • non-domestic (professional/commercial use) - not provided for by law.

They are also not covered by the warranty:

  • Natural changes in the external properties of the product that occurred during use: discoloration of the coating during use, mechanical damage to the outer or inner surface of the product (scratches, scuffs, traces of abrasive and aggressive detergents, etc;)
  • natural changes in the color of the metal (rainbow and dark spots, lime dots resulting from the use of hard water, etc., as well as the appearance of a golden or blue tint resulting from excessive overheating of the cookware or cooking certain foods (tomatoes, lemon, vegetables, brines, adding salt to cold water), which is typical for stainless steel cookware and in no way affects the functional properties of the cookware or the quality of the food being prepared;
  • damage due to overheating, cracks and chips in glass covers, mechanical damage to bakelite and silicone accessories due to falling of the product, cases of intentional damage or breakage of the product (including self-repair);
  • in the case of commercial use of cookware, as well as the use of cookware and other products in violation of the recommendations for the use and care of cookware;
  • the manufacturer's warranty does not apply to products made of porcelain, ceramic and glass.

What to do in case of a warranty issue

  • Fill out the form here.
  • At least 1 photo with a description of the defect and the prerequisites for its occurrence must be attached to the form;
  • After filling out and sending the form, a manager will contact you within 2 business days.
  • If the manager confirms the warranty case, then:

    • exchange for a similar product or a product of equivalent price, or for a more expensive product with your surcharge;
    • refunds for the goods, only after the return of the goods and inspection/examination of the goods;

Refund for goods/exchange for another product

  • The funds are returned to the IBAN details (card) that you specified in the return form.
  • The funds are returned within 10 days after the return is agreed with the manager, but in any case no later than 7 days in accordance with Part 3 of Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine On Consumer Protection - from the date of completion of the examination of the Goods.
  • The exchange is possible for a similar product (subject to availability from the Seller), or for a product of equivalent price, or for a more expensive product with your surcharge.

How to send goods for return/exchange

  1. You need to send the goods by New Mail(https://novaposhta.ua/)
  2. Send the shipment to the following addresses:

    Dnipro, 1 Sobinova St. (targeted delivery)
    Baranov Mykola
    EDRPOU 40861807
    TNP Trading Group LLC
    At the expense of the recipient by bank transfer

  3. You need to delete (do not fill in/indicate) the services "Return delivery" and "Cash on delivery".
  4. Send a bill of lading (B/L) to the manager.

Вrefusal to refund or return the goods / refusal to provide warranty service / exchange of goods if:

  1. the rules for the use of the product have been violated;
  2. the goods were used for purposes other than those specified by the manufacturer;
  3. if the seller's/manufacturer's examination reveals defects in the goods that have arisen as a result of violation of the operating rules;
  4. if the warranty period for the product has expired;