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The Galaxy silicone culinary brush measuring 26x4.5 cm is not just a kitchen accessory. It embodies the efficiency, quality, and grandeur of outer space, turning an ordinary culinary tool into a real art object.

The high-quality food-grade silicone used to make the brush is safe for health, environmentally friendly, and durable. This material can withstand temperature fluctuations from -60 °C to +250 °C degrees. This means that the brush will withstand both frost and the heat of your oven, making it indispensable for various culinary tasks.

The built-in metal rod provides extra strength, so the brush retains its shape and won't bend or break under heavy use. This feature also ensures a uniform application of marinades, butter or glaze on your culinary masterpieces. It is especially appreciated for its gentle treatment of kitchen equipment surfaces: the silicone bristles do not leave scratches and gently contact pans, baking dishes and other kitchen utensils without leaving scratches.

The bright space motifs on the surface of the brush add to its aesthetic appeal, making the culinary process even more intense and inspiring.

When you choose the Galaxy Silicone Culinary Brush, you get a combination of functionality, design, and high quality - three in one to make every culinary experience special.
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  • Made of high-quality silicone that can withstand temperatures from -60°C to +250°C

  • Environmentally friendly for people

  • 3 years warranty for the product


Culinary brush
Material of the working part
Operating temperature
From -60 °C to 250 °C
Stainless steel rod in the middle of the tool
3 years
Country of brand registration
Country of origin of the goods

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