Smart Shef silicone glove

Артикул: 29-305-077

Culinary silicone glove Smart Chef, which was developed with the help of Elizaveta Glinska - a famous confectioner, winner and judge of "Master Chef". This glove has become an indispensable assistant for professionals and amateurs of the culinary art.

The Smart Chef cooking glove is characterized by high heat resistance and resistance to dirt. It withstands temperatures up to 250 °C, which allows you to safely use it when cooking, grilling or working with hot dishes.

One of the most important aspects of this glove is its soft cotton lining, which provides excellent protection and comfort for your hands. You will be able to move confidently without feeling discomfort while using the glove.

The surface texture of the Smart Chef Mitt provides a firm grip, allowing you to handle cookware with confidence and precision. You will be able to easily hold a pan, pot or other kitchen utensils without the risk of accidental slipping.

In addition, the Smart Chef cooking glove is of high quality and durable. It does not wear or tear during daily use. You will be able to enjoy its quality and reliability for a long time, thanks to high production standards and the use of quality materials.

So, the Smart Chef silicone cooking glove is an indispensable accessory for your kitchen. It combines style, functionality and safety, allowing you to cook with pleasure and confidence. Trust a professional and enjoy the culinary process without limits!

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  • picture silicon

    Made of high-quality silicone that can withstand temperatures from -60°C to +250°C

  • picture eco-friendly

    Environmentally friendly for people

  • picture 3-year warranty

    3 years warranty for the product


Smart Сhef
33 см
19 см
Робоча температура
Від -60 °С до 250 °С
Бавовняна підкладка
3 роки
Країна реєстрації бренда
Країна-виробник товару

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