Scharfen knife sharpener

Art: 29-250-020

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The Scharfen Knife Sharpener is a compact and efficient knife sharpener. It has two sharpening sections: one for coarse sharpening and one for fine sharpening. The sharpening mechanism consists of two tungsten steel plates and fine-grit sandpaper. Tungsten steel is a durable and wear-resistant material that ensures even and high-quality sharpening. Sandpaper is an abrasive material that polishes and smoothes the knife blade.

The sharpener body is made of ABS plastic. ABS plastic is a lightweight and durable material that has a pleasant surface to the touch.The sharpening mechanisms are hidden in the sharpener body, so you cannot see them or touch them. This ensures safety and hygiene when using the sharpener.The bottom of the sharpener has a special silicone insert that prevents the sharpener from sliding on the table while sharpening.

With the sharpener, you can sharpen your knives easily and quickly without spending a lot of time and effort. Simply insert the knife into the desired section of the sharpener and run it through the sharpening mechanism several times. Enjoy your sharpened knives with the Scharfen knife sharpener!
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  • The sharpening mechanism is covered with a special diamond coating

  • 3 years warranty for the product

  • Environmentally friendly for people


Knife sharpener
ABS plastic
Material of the sharpening mechanism
Tungsten steel/Fine grit abrasive
Sharpener does not slide on the table / Sharpener hides in the body
3 years
Country of brand registration
Country of origin of the goods

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