Keramik ceramic meat knife is the embodiment of perfection in the world of gastronomic art. Its extremely strong and sharp blade made of zirconium ceramic, close to diamond in hardness, guarantees unparalleled precision and flawless results when processing meat products.

The length of the blade is 15 cm, optimally suitable for cutting any type of meat. Each movement is carried out with maximum precision and ease thanks to the high-quality handle made of ABS plastic. The soft-touch coating gives the handle a pleasant touch and a reliable grip, providing control over every movement when cutting meat.

Choose a Keramik ceramic meat knife to feel the power of true craftsmanship in your kitchen. This knife will become an integral part of your culinary arsenal and will allow you to achieve the highest results in cooking meat dishes.

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  • picture stainless steel

    X30Cr14 steel is perfectly balanced between strength and long-term blade sharpness

  • picture eco-friendly

    Environmentally friendly for people

  • picture 3-year warranty

    3 years warranty for the product


Meat knife
Zirconia ceramic
Handle material
ABS plastic
Blade length
15 cm
Long-term blade sharpness/Blade hardness
3 years
Country of Brand Registration
Country of Origin
Operating Instructions
Do not cut frozen foods and ice, do not cut bones, do not use as a cleaver. Do not cut on glass, granite, metal and ceramics. Use a wooden or plastic board. Wash only by hand. Do not leave the knife wet

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