Thermos 500 ml Bamus

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З термосом Bamus на 500 мл вирушайте у подорожі, завжди маючи під рукою свої улюблені напої. Виготовлений з нержавіючої сталі 18/10, цей термос стане надійним другом у ваших подорожах.

The thermos keeps your drinks at a very high temperature for a very long time thanks to its double walls and the vacuum layer between them. Whether it's hot coffee in the cold mountains or cool water on a bike ride, with this thermos you can always be sure that your drinks will stay exactly as you left them.

A large bowl capacity and a separate valve for holding liquids make the Bamus thermos the perfect companion for those who value comfort while traveling. Forget about worrying about spilled drinks in your backpack - this thermos will handle everything.

The valve and lid are made of BPA-free plastic, which ensures that your drinks always remain safe for your health.

The Bamus 500 ml thermos is not just a reliable, but also a durable companion that will withstand any of your adventures. It's ready to travel with you and preserve your best moments while traveling for a long time.

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  • Manufactured using high quality 18/10 steel with a high content of chromium and nickel, which makes the devices highly resistant to any irritants

  • Made of plastic that is safe for the human health and does not contain bisphenol A

  • Long-term temperature retention due to the vacuum between the two walls


Stainless steel/Plastic
500 ml
The presence of a valve
Durability/Silicone pad with soft-touch coating
3 years
Country of brand registration
Country of origin of the goods

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