Wetzen knife sharpener

Art: 29-192-009

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The Krauff Wetzen Portable Two-Stage Knife Sharpener is the easiest and fastest way to restore the sharp, shiny edge your knives need for maximum performance. In addition, the black and chrome color scheme will look great in your kitchen.

With the two-stage sharpening system, you can polish blades to a razor sharp finish. Great for polishing a knife, for quickly sharpening an already sharp knife.

The handle design allows you to hold your hand securely while sharpening the knife. The matte base of the mat adheres firmly to the surface of your countertop, preventing slipping while sharpening the knife, thereby ensuring safety and protecting your countertop from scratches. Thanks to the double V-shaped knife groove, you can sharpen either side of the blade, so that the blade can effectively cut, slice and chop various foods.

Alternatively, you can also sharpen all serrated knives. Simply insert the serrated knife into the sharpener in the 90-degree groove and then pull it between the V-shaped ceramic rods for fine grinding until you are satisfied with the sharpness of the serrated blade.

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  • The sharpening mechanism is covered with a special diamond coating

  • 3 years warranty for the product

  • Environmentally friendly for people


Knife sharpener
ABS plastic
Material of the sharpening mechanism
Tungsten steel/Fine grit abrasive
Handle for holding
3 years
Country of brand registration
Country of origin of the goods

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