Village Granular Materials Storage Container, 1.7 L Krauff 24-269-002


   • ceramics
   • bamboo (lid)
Additional characteristics:
   • volume: 1700 ml
   • size: 20 cm
   • color: white with décor
   • A container is produced from a high quality natural clay – environmentally friendly material that is completely safe for health
   • Smooth glazed coating makes the product easy for maintenance
   • A lid on the jar for storage of bulk food stuffs is produced from bamboo wood with silicone sealant
   • is ideal for everyday use
   • Elegant, comfortable and durable 'Krauff' ceramics will be a stylish decoration for any kitchen and the pride of every housewife
   • Such a tableware can become a wonderful gift for lovers of traditional and functional utensils in a kitchen interior
   • The ceramic kitchenware is perfect for storing different foodstuffs, including cereals and flour
   • The product is packed in a stylish individual gift box
Recommendations for use:
   • The ceramic container is allowed to wash in a dishwasher