Thermos, 350 ml Krauff 26-178-029

Thermos, 350 ml Krauff 26-178-029 Description

   • stainless steel of 18/10 brand
   • plastic
Additional characteristics:
   • Volume: 350 ml
   • color: sky blue/steel
   • there is a metal flask inside of the thermos
   • 100% hermeticity during transportation
   • retains the temperature of hot drinks: more than 70°C – for 6 hours, more 60°C – for 12 hours, over 50°C – for 18 hours (figures may vary depending on external temperature)
   • retains the temperature of cold drinks for up to 24 hours
   • branded gift packaging
   • the cover-cap can be used as a cup
   • on the housing, there is a lanyard for comfortable transportation
   • stylish, bright ergonomic design
   • the logo of the manufacturer is on the body
Recommendations for use:
   • used for brewing of any beverage
   • for the drinks in a thermos retain heat longer, before using, one needs to parboil the thermos
   • it is not recommended to pour hot fat or oil, effervescent beverages, marinades, and dry ice into the thermos
   • it is not recommended to leave beverages in a thermos for more than three days
   • do not close tightly an empty thermos, it can cause an unpleasant smell
   • it is not recommended to frequently alternate ice and hot water or food in the thermos
   • unpleasant odors from the thermos can be eliminated by washing the container with water with vinegar (a teaspoon per glass of water)
   • metal surfaces and plastic parts of the thermos are easy to clean, as different contaminants do not stick to them
   • avoid mechanical damage to thermos