Lacy Granular Materials Storage Container, 1 L Krauff 21-252-015


   • porcelain
   • bamboo
Additional characteristics:
   • volume: 1000 ml
   • size: 16 cm
   • color: white/brown
   • DURABLE PORCELAIN' chinaware is extremely wear-resistant and durable, which make it ideal for everyday use
   • This porcelain is coated with a special high-strength glaze that prevents possible damage to the surface by the cutlery
   • The cookware produced from this material possesses a nice luster and light transparency that indicates of its high quality
   • Due to high durability, porcelain retains its novelty for long, is not susceptible to high temperatures and minor scratches
   • A new series of 'LACY' porcelain is an original, exquisite tableware for the table appointments, which combines stunning design with durability and longevity
   • Exquisite and elegant design emphasizes excellent taste and looks attractively at the festive table
Recommendations for use:
   • The porcelain is allowed to wash in a dishwasher