Bread Knife, 31.5x2.7x1.7 cm


   • Damascus steel
   • bakelite
Additional characteristics:
   • Dimensions: 31.5x2.7x1.7 cm
   • Blade thickness: 2.5 mm
   • produced from high quality durable materials
   • ergonomic shape of the handle allows to work with a knife for a long period of time without tiring
   • the advantage of Damascus steel is that it can retain its grind sharpness for a long period of time
   • due to the properties of the welded steels, Damascus possesses a high hardness and a relatively low brittleness
   • concerning the cutting properties, the high-quality Damascus steel is superior to other brands of steel
Recommendations for use:
   • To keep Damascus knife in its original state for a long period of time, one needs to properly care for the product
   • First of all, it is important to remember that knives of this type require regular maintenance
   • Only in this case it is possible to retain operating properties of the product for many years
   • Lest the surface of the knife from Damascus is affected by premature corrosion, one should thoroughly clean it after use
   • At the same time, there should be treated not only the blade itself, but also all the elements of the handle
   • Once the knife is cleaned, it is necessary to lubricate the product's surface with grease or oil
   • One should not smear too much butter or fat to the knife
   • One should keep the Damascus knife exclusively in a dry place
   • Damascus refers to the patterned steel grades
   • To preserve the attractiveness and clarity of the pattern, try not to expose the product to acids and alkalis, including those of organic origin
   • If you do not use this knife for a long period of time, it is better to periodically grease it, check out if there are any rust stains on the surface
   • Damascus knives require constant care, even if they are not used
   • Not recommended:
   • Cut with the knife solid and large animal bones
   • Cut metal products
   • Use the knife for opening metal cans (including tins)
   • To use the knife as a hammer, screwdriver and other installation tools
   • To use Damascus knives for throwing
To bend the Damascus knife blade at a wide angle
   • If rust has begun to appear on the surface of the knife, it should be carefully removed
   • For this purpose, there is used a medium-sized sandpaper with kerosene (oil can also be used).
   • Troubles caused by looking after the Damascus steel knife are fully compensated by its unique performance properties