Useful Tips

  • Drinking Glass: proper care and storage

    Beautiful gleaming glasses - this is truly an exquisite decoration for the holiday table, which, with proper care can keep a nice shine for years and exceptional clarity, to emphasize the taste of good wine and decorate a festive meal.

  • Correct care of a pig-iron frying pan

    Today pig-iron frying pans are some kind of trend in any kitchen, and their excellent zharochny qualities estimated million hostesses. The pig-iron frying pan is an excellent assistant in cooking and that it served to you not one year, having perfectly kept all qualities, it is necessary to look after her correctly and carefully to store it

  • Care of tableware from stainless stee

    Today tableware ceased to be simple tools for the food use, and became excellent ornament both for a regular dinner, and for a festive table. Therefore it is so important to keep primitive shine and novelty of tableware. Many hostesses prefer to lay the table sets of tableware from the stainless steel, executed in various forms and decorated by various patterns and an engraving.

  • Care of ceramic knifes

    Preparation of dishes is some kind of art, and not only professional cooks, but also regular housewives know that without high-quality and reliable kitchen accessories it is simply impossible to prepare a tasty dish. Certainly, modern producers, aiming to foresee needs of hostesses, all day by day offer new kitchen equipment and tools which do cooking process much more simply and quicker. But each hostess knows – in kitchen not to do without a knife.