• NEW SERIES WARE KRAUFF FEINE - elegance in every detail

    A new series of tableware Krauff Feine - excellent dinner set premium. Krauff Feine - is a shining accessory on your plate and a modern functional tool to help each owner. The first thing that catches the eye when looking at the dishes Krauff Feine - gentle elegant design, radiant glossy finish, coupled with intricate decorations on the outside wall of the pan

  • NEW SERIES Cast Iron Cookware KRAUFF CASTELLA - cookware for the ages!

    For decades, cast-iron cookware has been the favorite dishes of our grandmothers. Not surprisingly, because it is the only tableware, properties and qualities which over the years only improve. That is not a cast-iron cookware is an excellent investment in the kitchen each family - it can be transmitted from generation to generation, and each year the non-stick frying and quality will only improve. 

  • A new series of cookware KRAUFF TABACCO

    German brand KRAUFF introduced a new series of aluminum cookware TOBACCO, which will be a new decision on the soveremennyy kitchen. Standatram meeting the ergonomic design and implementation of Art Nouveau Series TOBACCO - is a versatile kitchen utensils for cooking meals.

  • A new series of porcelain KRAUFF LACY - serving in the style of Provence

    In a new series of porcelain KRAUFF LACY embodied rovansa colorfulness and classic elegance. Whirling design combined with high strength material is converted utensils series KRAUFF LACY in excellent and practical accessory in the kitchen.

  • A new collection of porcelain Krauff - bright taste familiar dishes

    Krauff Company presents a new collection of porcelain tableware that is made from a revolutionary material. Combining the advantages of the German hard-paste porcelain and English bone china, each piece in the collection is an example of long-term reliability and excellent durability.

  • Knives Krauff Damask Steel - long-term strength of the honored masters

    German TM Krauff Ukrainian presented long-awaited new customers - a series of knives Krauff Damask Steel. The advanced formula of stainless steel and new production technologies embodied in each article in this series. Unique exclusive design - exclusive feature set.

  • Stand-up rack

    The Krauff company isn't tired to enhance technology day by day to do your life more comfortable and brighter.